English Service Sermon On The Mount




The beatitudes are Kingdom attitudes that every child of God ought to pursue. These kingdom attitudes don’t come to us naturally, but they are produced by grace alone as we allow the Holy Spirit to work in and through us. Blessed are those of us, who acknowledge spiritual poverty. It is absolute and object poverty of spirit. It is being destitute in spirit.

Let us look at several significant facts about the “Poor in spirit”, Let us learn:-

  1. Being Poor in Spirit does not mean poverty stricken and financially poor.
  • Hunger, nakedness and slum are not pleasing to God.
  • Christ is not talking about material poverty,- He means poor in spirit.
  • Being poor in spirit means:
  1. To acknowledge our utter helplessness before God.
  • We are solely dependent upon God to meet our needs.
  1. To acknowledge our utter lack of facing life and eternity apart from God.
  • We acknowledge that real blessings of life and eternity come only from a right relationship with God.
  1. To acknowledge our utter lack of superiority before others and our spiritual deadness before God.
  • Acknowledge that we are  no better than the others.
  • Acknowledge that we are not richer or superior despite our face, fortune or power,
  • Acknowledge that every human being is a real person worth of love, space and existence.
  • To acknowledge that everyone is significant contribution to society and to the world.
  • The “Poor in spirit” approaches life with humility and appreciation– Life does not owe him, but he owes life.
  • That life is a privilege, therefore, he journeys through life with appreciation and humility.
  1. The opposite of being poor in spirit is having a spirit that is full of self.
  • The poor in spirit depends on the righteous of Christ.
  • The selfish depends on the self-righteousness which is death.
  • Self-righteousness dies with death of self.
  • The righteousness of Christ is eternal (Phil.3:9)
  1. The poor in Spirit take two important, critical steps;
  2. He turns his primary attention away from the things of this world- He knows things cannot make him rich in the spirit.
  3. He turns his attention to God and His kingdom,. He knows God alone can make him rich in spirit (Eph1:3)
  4. The poor in Spirit are weary and burdened for the world.
  • They know the truth of the world and of eternity.
  • They are weary of the deception and enticement of this world.
  • They have learned that this world is full of vanity.
  • They have learned that all waste away, even human life.
  • They feel weary and burdened for the lost in the world.
  • They are weary from having labored and spent so much, the world is still in great sin.
  1. The “poor in spirit” are those who approach the world as a child.

All children are precious to God and are given   Angels to look over them (Matt.18:10)





¨ The “poor in Spirit” are blessed with the kingdom of Heaven.

¨ The “poor in Spirit” inherit three things;

  1. They receive forgiveness of sin and God remembers their sin no more (Heb.8:12:10:17).
  2. They receive a fellowship with other believers who walk as they walk (I John 1:3;Eph.2:19-22)
  3. They receive eternal life and eternal fellowship with both God and all true believers.

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven.



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