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The beatitude are kingdom attitudes, characteristics and principles that every child of God ought to pursue. Those kingdom attitudes don’t come to us naturally, but they are produced by grace alone as the child of God allows the Holy Spirit to work in and through us. Blessed are those who acknowledge spiritual poverty for the kingdom of Heaven belongs to them. Today let us look at another beatitude “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted”.

The beatitudes come to us in a definite order or in a logical Spiritual sequence. “Poor in Spirit” (5:3) comes first because it is not until a person realizes their poverty that there is a sense of the need for salvation. “Blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted”.

Comfort comes from sorrow (Luke 6:25). Jesus Christ is really saying, the person who mourns will be really happy. In our world, and culture we do everything to move away in the opposite direction-No one wants to mourn. “Poor in Spirit” is an intellectual realization, while mourning is the emotional side of spiritual poverty.

Let us learn:-

  • There are nine Greek words for the word “mourning”
  • The strongest and most severe of all mourning is mourning the dead.
  • Jesus Christ used the “Present continuous Tense”.
  • “The ones continually mourning, they alone are continually comforted”,
  1. what Jesus is not talking about.
  • Jesus was not talking about the miserable people, those look miserable, act miserable, walk miserable and talk miserable.
  • There are those people who seem pleased with misery.
  • They suck the life out of every gathering.
  • Every family has someone miserable. They are there in every family gathering, especially over the Holidays.
  • They are sorry, kind of people in Cities, towns, churches, villages etc.
  • Jesus was not talking about this kind of miserable people.
  • As Christians we ought to spread joy, victory and faith not despair.
  1. What Jesus Christ was talking about.
  • Jesus Christ was talking about;
  1. Lamenting life’s losses.
  • Mourning that comes to all people due to death and disappointment,
  • Tears that flow for normal reasons that we encounter in life are therapeutic.
  • These tears are provided by God for the healing of the soul.
  • Pain, anxieties and suffering of life cause us pressure. Tears are God’s way of relieve.
  • The benefit of sorrow in life is that Jesus Christ is hearer to those who mourn.

2.Weeping over a Lost World.

  • The believer should mourn over the evil in this world.
  • Our world is not getting better but worse!!
  • No amount of education, wealth, health and technological advancement will make this world a better place!!
  • We cannot count on the UN, government or any other organization to bring any substantive change.
  • The fact that more than 1000 babies are aborted in Kenya daily, rape, sodomy, murder should cause us to mourn.
  1. Sorrow for Sin.
  • When Jesus Christ says, “Blessed are those who mourn” He is talking about mourning about one’s individual spiritual condition.
  • To mourn is a natural outflow of poverty of the spirit.
  • Many people deny their weakness, they know they are wrong, yet pretend they are right.
  • Don’t deny your need, but admit your need and try to change (self-reformation)
  • But don’t admit your need then settle for depression and give up-Judas Iscariot
  • Admit your need and turn to God like the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-24)
  • Admit it today, turn to God, blessed are the repentant (II Cor.7:10 Psalm 51:1-2,17)
  • God draws near to those who hurt. (Psalm 34:18)
  • God uses suffering to draw us to Himself.
  • We grow faster in hard times than in good times (Rom.5:3)
  • Our suffering qualifies us to minister to others (II Cor.1:4)
  • Don’t waste your pain, trials, difficulties, they qualify you.


  • Beyond the purpose of pain, is the promise of comfort.
  • Blessedness does not come from the mourning, but from God in response to our pain.
  • Comfort is not here meant “sympathy” but “Encourage” or “to give strength
  • This comfort is given Only to those who sense their sin and mourn over it (John 14:16;Rom.15:4)



  • The mark of maturity as a believer is not sinless-ness, but a growing awareness of our sinfulness (I John1:8-9).
  • Blessed are they that mourn over their sin.
  • Blessed are they who are continually confessing their sins, those who do, give evidence that they are forgiven.
  • The citizens of the kingdom of Heaven are characterized by day by day confession of their shortcomings and sins to the Father.
  • Blessed are they who are repentant, they shall be comforted.


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