GENESIS 15:1-12


“I have seen servants upon horses and princes walking as servants upon the Earth” (Eccles.10:7) .Many are not in the place they are supposed to be. The servant has taken over the horses of the princes and they are walking like servants.

To destine is to determine something before hand. Destiny is what God has pre-ordained for your future. Destiny is what God has pre-determined that you are coming to the earth to do. It is the inner purpose for your life. It is the real reason for breathing. It is the  condition fore-ordained by God for you.

In this scripture, we see the one that has been preordained as prince but he walks in the street like a servant. Destiny is the reason you were born, the expectations of heaven for your life. It is what is written in heavenly records concerning you.

Is life all about being born, going to school/college, get a job, make money, buy a house, a car, get married, get children, take them to school, get grand children and then die !!

The Vulture is a large bird of prey. It does not kill animals but is preys on those who have been killed or those that die naturally. It feeds on dead flesh. The vulture is an ugly bird , its neck is usually featherless. Vultures can smell death, they instinctively sense and smell something about to die. Vultures are very patient with their sharp sight and sharp sense of smell.

There are spiritual vultures;

  • They feed on spiritual destinies.
  • All physical animals have spiritual counterpart.
  • Vultures are of many types , for Esau it was ordinary bowl of food. The destiny vulture of some people is comfort, lack of patience, deception. Destiny vulture are in operation over mankind. (A Girl’s destiny was ended by vulture last week in south Nyanza).
  • God can actually show you a vision of your destiny if you pray in Jesus Name. It is a disaster to forfeit your destiny in God. So destinies can be destroyed, manipulated.

Let us Learn:-


  1. Rendering one ignorant of his / her destiny (Jn.8:32)
  • It is the truth known that sets free. Ignorance of your destiny means that you are living without a blue print of your destiny.
  1. Witchcraft manipulation
  • They manipulate one out of one’s place of destiny into a place where he becomes a hewer of wood and drawer of water.
  1. Sending delusion to a person
  • They cause false belief and mislead a person to do the wrong thing.
  1. Casting a spell upon a person
  • A person goes ahead doing the wrong things and goes to wrong places.
  1. They dispatch wicked spirits against the breakthroughs and destiny of a person.
  2. They use words with negative energy against a person. The person becomes confused and directionless.


  1. Be Born Again,
  2. Pray to discover who you really are.
  3. Pray for your destiny blue print to be revealed to you.
  4. Disconnect yourself from negative people. Companions of fools go into destruction.
  5. Watch your tongue
  6. Walk in holiness, honesty and integrity.
  • Just as the vultures are patient, destiny manipulator can wait for a person to get old, or makes mistakes and attack.
  • If you don’t know who you are, servant will take up your horse, you the prince will walk.



  • Take the following prayer points:

Þ Destiny vulture, vomit my destiny in the Name of Jesus,

Þ Visions of my divine destiny, come upon my life in Jesus Name,

Þ The Enemy will not determine my destiny in the Name of  Jesus.

Þ Every curse issued against my destiny, backfire in the Name of Jesus

Þ My Father, reveal the blue print of my destiny to me, In the Name of Jesus.



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