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TEXT:  PSALM 49:14-20 ; 30:3


                  There are very many kinds of graves in the Spirit life. There are also many kinds of death. Jesus Christ spoke to the church in Sardis about things that were dead and things about to die (Rev.3:1-3). Virtues can be buried in the grave, Destinies can also be buried. Do not allow yourself to be detained by the grave. There was a little girl who said “My daddy is a handsome man but he is dead ” She had in a small pot, inside were hair, a piece of cloth, cut from a shirt and some fingernails. Hair stands for glory– his glory was now buried. The piece of shirt cloth stood for shame into his life. When somebody removes your cloth, he is putting you to shame. Fingernails represent labor. She had destroyed her father’s life. Another pot had “male seed” from three men, two men had died and the third one was mad. We must be ready for spiritual warfare. The best system of defense is to attack. If you want peace prepare for war. (Gen.3:15). Another pot had blood, taken from people to finish them. There are many ways of getting someone’s blood.

Let us learn:-


  • When things have been collected and buried, there is trouble unless you understand how to withdraw what has been buried.
  • The Psalmist talks about deliverance from the grave (Psalm 49:14-15)
  • The grave has some powers which are behind certain things people call difficult cases in life.


Difficult cases are situations where the evil pipe through which problems are being fed has not been demolished.

  • A difficult problem is a problem where all the secrets behind it are not known– Ignorance.
  • A difficult problem is linked to multiple curses or multiple bondages.
  • There are multiple padlocks and if they are witchcraft ribbons, threads, the nods are multiple (7,14,21,39, etc.)
  • Once a situation has a lot of covenants formed against it has chains tying it down.
  • Some people receive curses every day, angry parents curse their children daily. (Idiot, zombie, mad, God will punish you, you will amount to nothing, fool) in a month 30 curses in a year 360 curses. Just see how the most cursed people look like. (Primary school gatekeepers, police, judges etc.) their cases are difficult because of the enormity of the curses they accumulate over the years. When you add curses from wives and other people at home.
  • A difficult case is one that has been circulated in four worlds:
  1. The second heaven that is the headquarters of evil
  2. The earth
  3. underneath the earth
  4. The sea
  • The curses must be broken in four places (Phil.2:10)
  • Man was formed out of the dust of the ground (Gen.2:7)
  • God cursed the ground (Gen.3)
  • Only Jesus Christ has the power to break things because He comes from above. (Jn.3:3)
  • There are earthly things and heavenly things (I Cor. 15:47-48)
  • The powers of the grave are real, you must speak to them as real people (Moses– Numbers 16)
  • The African man knows the power of the ground, that is why he pours libation.
  • That is why people gather the sand under people’s feet. (No oaths were taken while in shoes)
  • That is why, the advice is given never stands on graves, because of the powers from the earth.


In simple terms, every goodness (virtue) of man has spiritual representatives and once this spiritual representative is caged, trapped, buried or imprisoned in the graveyard. (Matt.10:8-10)

  • When witchcraft powers burry your wallet-your finances get buried.
  • When witchcraft powers bury your clock/ watch– your time is delayed.
  • If your wedding dress or ring or photo is buried then marriage troubles begin.
  • When your name is called into material things and then the material is buried in an artificial coffin the person concerned is affected.
  • Virtue can be detained in the grave. The cage must be broken in Jesus Name. through aggressive prayers.


  1. Those who always dream of the dead– If you always see dead people eating with them, talking to them– then part of your virtues are with the dead.
  2. When someone is captured by the power of the grave, the whole world seems against the person.
  3. They are people who always feel that somebody or people are following or looking at them.
  4. Those who have been captured by the power of the grave suffer from terrible spiritual blindness, they see nothing, hear and expect nothing– Totally blank.
  5. Spiritually they are clothed in spiritual rags. Burial clothes turn to rags very quickly– they live in poverty until they cry to God.
  6. They have unashamed and determined effort to destroy themselves.
  7. Sometimes they dream of very slow animals like a tortoise, snails etc.
  • This is why Jesus Christ had to go into the lower parts of the earth (Eph.4:8-9)
  • Jesus had to go there because a lot of good things (virtues) had been buried there.
  • He set the captives free and preached to the spirits that were in prison under the earth.
  • See what Jesus Christ says in (Rev.1:8) He has the keys of hell and death.
  • Only the resurrection powers of the Lord Jesus Christ can command materials seized by the spirits in the grave to come forth.
  • Today ask for this power upon your life.



Pray; Lay your right hand on your head and pray

  1. All my blessings imprisoned by the grave come forth in the Name of Jesus Christ.
  2. I release my blessings from the hand of any dead relative– in the Name of Jesus.
  3. I withdraw any blessing from the hand of any dead relatives– in the Name of Jesus Christ.
  4. I disgrace every witchcraft burial– in the Name of Jesus Christ.
  5. Just as the grave could not detain Jesus Christ, no power will detain my miracle– In Jesus Name.
  6. Anything representing my image in the spirit world, I withdraw your representation– In the Name of Jesus.
  7. All the camps of my enemies, receive boiling confusion in the Name of Jesus Christ


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