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ISAIAH 10:27


Words alone cannot tell how much we need the anointing of the Holy Spirit in our lives. We do not need to face the trials of life on our own. God will help us if we have the Holy Spirit on the inside. You can stand any kind of battle on the outside. God gave this message to the children of Israel concerning their enemies, the Assyrians. Through God’s anointing, the Assyrians yoke was to be broken. This same promise that the Lord gave the Children of Israel many years ago is ours by faith. We can break every bondage if we only appropriate. The anointing of the Holy Spirit helps us to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord and Savior. To evangelize to the world (Luke 4:18-19, Isaiah 58:6)

The anointing of the Holy Spirit destroys the works of the devil (John 10:10, I John 3:8) there are brothers and sisters in the Lord who ought to have moved higher in life than where they are currently. Many are tied down to one location by one bondage or the other.

The Holy Spirit anointing is very powerful and we need to take advantage of the anointing in order to destroy every satanic bondage and yokes.

The anointing is a destroyer of yokes, the anointing is a destroyer of bondages, so where the presence of the anointing is, bondages will be broken and destroyed. Through the anointing of the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ healed the sick, delivered the oppressed and raised the dead (Acts 10:38)

Jesus Christ said, through the anointing, we His children shall tread upon serpents and scorpions and overcome all powers of the enemy without being hurt (Luke 10:19-20).

By virtue of the power through the anointing of the Holy Spirit, every child of God is entitled to total freedom and victory over every yoke and bondage of the devil and every child of God is empowered to proclaim liberty to the captives.

Let us learn:-


  • The kingdom of darkness is described in the scripture as principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places (Eph. 6:12)
  • This kingdom of darkness specializes in doing wickedness to people without showing any mercy.
  • You cannot be too nice to escape wickedness.
  • You don’t have to offend them before they show their wickedness.
  • That is why God calls them the wicked.
  • There are many people who are victims of satanic oppression, yokes, and bondages.
  • This is manifested in retardation of progress and absence of breakthroughs in many areas of their life.
  1. Satanic yokes and bondages are instruments of oppression and afflictions used to limit a person’s growth and promotion, fulfillment and breakthrough. It is a hindering barrier (I Cor.16:9)
  2. Satanic yokes and bondages are devices of torment, affliction, and sufferings in the lives of the people. (Exodus 3:7-8).
  3. Satanic yokes and bondages are devices used to monitor, capture and destroy the glory of people, thereby keeping them in obscurity.
  4. Satanic yokes and bondage are devices used to manipulate people’s divine destinies and temper with the divine arrangement in people’s lives (I Samuel 13:11-14)
  5. Satanic yokes and bondages are instruments of injecting trouble into people’s comfort, bring sorrow into their blessings so that they will not have the fullness of joy (Gen.39:1-7)
  6. Satanic yokes and bondages are instruments of crumbling or devouring people’s health. Wealth and reputation built over the years.
  7. Satanic yokes and bondages are devices for attacking people’s harvest, making them labor in vain without reaping their good harvest (Judges 6:3-6).


  • Satanic yokes and bondages can be divided into different categories based on the mission of the kingdom of darkness set to achieve. Satan has three principal missions, to steal, to kill and to destroy (John 10:10)
  • But there are also subdivisions of mission:
  1. Evaluating mission.
  • When the enemy wants to shake you to evaluate your faith. Their interest is for you to backslide or denial of faith. The devil will use trials, delays, failures, disappointments and loses, just for you to denounce your faith (Job.2:9-10)
  • Other times the enemy brings great temptations at the verge of your victory and breakthrough (Gen.39:7-12)
  1. Blindfolding mission (2 Cor.4:3-4). To prevent someone from discovering the purpose of God and the promises of God for their lives.
  2. Ridiculing mission
  • When the enemy is all out to reproach you and put you to shame. This is done through lacks, failures, disappointments, delays or sudden attacks (2 Chronicles 20:12).
  1. Frustration mission.
  • When the enemy comes to disturb your peace and frustrate you (2 Kings 4:12-21)
  1. Obstructing mission.
  • When Satan is all out to resist your blessings and breakthroughs
  • They work to oppose your ways, vision, and dreams (Gen.37:18-20)
  1. Avenging mission- because of your prayers, preaching etc. (I Kings 13:4-22)
  2. Killing mission- when the enemy is ready to kill, the spirit of death is sent to monitor, shoot arrows of death. They can succeed in killing people before their time ( John 11:1-4)


  • Draw near to God (James 4:8)
  • Seek God, you will find Him (Jer.29:13)
  • Totally surrender to God (John 1:11-12)
  • Release yourself to the Holy Spirit and receive liberty by faith, confess your freedom all the time, live in total obedience to God.


  • There is, therefore, an anointing that breaks every yoke.
  • You can experience it today and always.
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Rev, Dr. Willy Mutiso is the Senior Pastor at First Baptist Athiriver. He is widely known for his practical and dynamic teaching style which helps people apply the timeless truths of Scripture to their everyday lives.

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