Living Things Grow


There are seven(7) test that one really knows God;

  1. keeping God’s commandments. (2:3-6)
  2. Loving one’s neighbor. (2:7-11)
  3. Growing spiritually (2:12-14)
  4. Loving not the world (2:15-17)
  5. Guarding against the Antichrist (2:18-23)
  6. Letting the gospel abide in you. (2:24-27)
  7. Abiding in Christ (2:28-29)

Today we shall discuss the third test, which is growth in Christ. We don’t know God if we are not growing. “Living things grow”. Christian maturity could be calculated through the formula;

Maturity = Walk x Time (M =W x T). The more we walk with Christ, time the period we have walked in fellowship with Christ the more we grow and mature spiritually. There are three groups addressed by John. Little Children, fathers and young men

If a person is truly born again, he/she starts to walk in fellowship with Christ, John tells us; (1). remember your spiritual growth (2). Confirm who you are

Let us Learn:-


  • In the Church, family of God, there are various stages of growth
  1. There are Little children
  • These are people who have just received Christ as Lord and Savior. They could also be the retarded believers.
  • If you are a new believer remember, your sins are forgiven.
  • You are no longer guilt of your sins.
  • You are no longer under judgment and condemnation.
  • You will no longer be punished for your sins
  • You are forgiven for Christ’s sake. That is because of what Christ has done for you on the cross.
  • All believers must remember that their sins are forgiven. (Acts 5:31, 13:38, Eph. 1:7, 4:32)
  1. There are Fathers
  • Spiritual fathers are those mature, with deep and rich knowledge of God.
  • Spiritual Fathers must remember to continue growing in the Lord, Remembering, their journey with Christ. (2 Tim.3:15)
  1. There are Young Men
  • These are mature believers in the Church
  • These must remember how far they have come.
  • These have fought a long battle and they have overcome the wicked one (Satan).
  • They have overcome, evil and immoral thoughts, illicit affairs and practices, lust, drunkenness, shop lifting, drugs, stealing, lying, cheating, pride, arrogance, gossiping, backbiting, hate, anger, loving money and greed.
  • They overcome Satan by drawing near to God (II Peter 2:9) They overcome by the word (Luke 4:8)
  • They overcome by not yielding their bodily members to sin (Rom.6:13)
  • They overcome by not entering into the path of wickedness (Prov. 4:14)
  • They overcome by the blood of the Lamb. (Rev.12:11)
  • They have overcome by not giving into the enticement of sinners (Pro.1:10)



  1. Little Children must remember that they have known the father.
  • They should pray, trust, ask, study, fellowship and witness for Christ.
  1. Fathers must remember that they have known God who is from eternity (I Cor. 13:11)
  2. Young men must know their strength and be assured and have confidence in the strength they have received.
  • They must remember their strength is in the Lord (John 15:5, Acts 1:8, 2Cor.3:5)
  • Mature believers must remember that the word of God abides in them.
  • Mature believers must remember that they have overcome the wicked one (Satan)




¨ What is your level in Christ ?

¨ Do you desire to become a Spiritual Father ?



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