TEXT: I JOHN  1:5-10


Ever since the fall, humanity has tried to deny the reality of sin; Even though everyone throughout history is aware of its presence. (Rom 2:14-16). Today people minimize and redefine sin. Today we call sin “Failures” of life and “Disorders” which exist because of how others have treated them. The victim mentality reigns supreme as human comfort themselves in affirming that people are basically good. That whatever may be wrong is not really wrong, but merely a personal preference and freedom or lifestyle. Instead of taking responsibility for their behavior, people want to be accepted as they are. Today we classify serious heart issues “illnesses” and “addictions” and try to cure them through medicine and psychotherapy. Now, the drugs and psychotherapy fail to cure sin, so the world goes from bad to worse.

Jesus said that every person is sinful at the core (mark 7:20-23 ;James 1:15; Gen.6:5; Jer.17:9)

John faced this problem in the churches in Asia minor. John presents two crucial doctrinal tests to determine who is genuine.  In order to measure our faith we must have:

  1. An accurate belief in the nature of God(V.5)
  2. A genuine belief in the certainty of sin (V.6-10)

Let us Learn:-


  1. The Nature of God. (I John 1:5)
  • The message preached by John and other Apostles and which they heard from their Master and which they proclaimed to us is that “God is light, in Him there is no darkness at all”.
  • Jesus Christ is the perfect source of revelation regarding the nature and character of God.
  • Jesus said “I am the light of the world, he who follows Me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life” (John 8:12)
  • God is light in sense that God is life. He is the source of both physical and spiritual life.
  • Apostle Paul summarizes well the importance of God as light and its role in a Christian’s life. (2 Cor.4:1-6, Gen 1:3).
  • The word of God is light (Psalm 119:105)
  1. In Order to Measure Your Faith you Must have an accurate understanding of the certainty of Sin. (I John 1:6-10)
  • John classified those who claimed to be in fellowship, but rejected the truth into three: Darkness, Deception, Defamation.
  1. The first false professors consist of those who ignored their sin.
  • They claimed to have fellowship with God, but walked in darkness.
  • The claim of fellowship is meaningless if one continues to walk in darkness.
  • Their manner of life and conduct was unlike God(Rom.8:4; 13:13; Eph.4:1; Deut.10:12-13; Micah 6:8)
  • This person is sinning habitually, continuously which shows that the person is not saved.
  • This person lives a contradicted life.
  1. The second false professors claimed to have no sin (V.8)
  • These are very proud persons.
  • There are two kinds of sins, sin of commission and sin of omission.
  • Sin is universal (Rom. 3:10-23)
  1. The third false professors are those who say they have never sinned (I John 1:10)
  • They deny the existence of sin (Rom 3:10-23)
  • They deny the need for a Savior (Isa.53:10-14)
  • They prove that the word of God is not in them




¨ Anyone who tries to cover his or her sin, is in depths of spiritual darkness, deception and blasphemy.

¨ Those who are truly in fellowship with the light, honesty and openly confess their sins before God and repent of them.

¨ The measure of true faith is genuine repentance and belief shown forth in word and deeds.


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