Sunday 22/6/2014 – 1st service
TEXT: 1 KINGS 10 : 23 – 11 : 13.

King Solomon was a celebrity, a hit, a showstopper. He lived a life of influence, affluence, and opulence. He made a throne of ivory for himself (1 Kings 10:18). 12 lions were on the six steps leading to the throne. All his utensils were gold (1 Kings 10:20-21). Solomon forgot that people came to hear his wisdom and not to see his riches (1 Kings 10:24).
The question today is: “how can we rightly be related to God, others, and self? What safeguards do we need against riches and vanities in life and relationships?” Let us learn:

You need a head exam on your big head (1 Kings 11:1-3).
“No man can serve two masters.”
The penalty for polygamy is more than mothers-in-laws.
Sixth Century Greek philosopher Heraclitus said: “It is not good for all wishes to be fulfilled. Through sickness you learn the value of health, through evil, the value of good, through hunger satisfaction, through exertion, the value of rest.”
King Solomon knew the twin threats of riches and poverty (Proverb 30:7-9).
King Solomon loved foreign women (1 Kings 11:1).
He did not only marry them, but held fast to them in love (v.2).
He was glued, attached, and bonded to them.
He forgot that love is very exclusive. Only one was fairest of one thousand.
He was only a playboy king and a sex-maniac in his old age.
You need a heart operation on your cheating heart (1 Kings 11:4-10).
As Solomon grew old, his wives turned his heart after other gods.
He started in faith, he ended up with inter-faith.
His heart was turned away from Jehovah (v.9).
Look at the downfall of the wisest man ever:
(v.1) Solomon loved many foreign women, beside Pharaoh’s daughter.
(v.2) He held fast to them in love.
(v.5) He followed Ashtoreth and Molech.
(v.6) He did evil in the eyes of God.
(v.7) He built high places for Molech and Chemosh.
(v.8) He built high places for his foreign wives.
(v.9) His heart had turned away from God.
(v.10) He did not keep the Lord’s command.
You need hearing aids on your dull hearing (11:9-13).
Solomon’s ears were dull of hearing. God was angry (v.9).
God had appeared to Solomon twice (v.9).
Solomon’s idols had taken him away from God.
For generations, idol worship was practiced until the time of king Josiah (2 Kings 23:13).
Because of Solomon’s attitude, God allowed enemies to fight Israel (1 Kings 11:14-20).
The kingdom was split into two, never to be united until today. Only Judah is in place.
God is not mocked. Don’t be deceived (Gal. 6:7).
It is always true: “Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat its mistakes.”
Polytheism led to syncretism, them to apostasy.
Apostasy is very stubborn. God shall not share His glory, worship, and work with idols.
Have you gone ahead of yourself and become self-deceived?
Have you grown too big for your shoes?
Are you too big for your budget? Too big for your own God? Are you committed to God or to materialism? Turn!

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