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In the Bible, altars are designed for sacrifice as an act
of worship. We notice in the above story that the Lord
thundered with a great thunder upon the enemies of
Israel after Samuel built an alter and offered a sacrifice
to the Lord.
Let us learn:-
I. WHAT ARE ALTARS ? (Exodus 20:24)
 An alter is a place of sacrifice, altars were made of
sand or unhewn stones, that is stones that have not
been Chiseled with any tool. Others were made of
 In some cases, a natural rock could automatically
be turned into an altar.
 Altars were constructed for God or idols
 Any altar constructed for the purpose of idolatry
incurred the wrath of God.
 An altar served as a medium of communication and
 The great men of God in the old testament built
altars-Abraham, Noah, Joshua, Isaac, Jacob, Mo-
ses, Gideon, Samuel and David built altars.
 When Elijah challenged the Baal worshippers at
Mount Carmel, he told them to construct their own
 When it came to Elijah, he repaired the broken
down altar of the Lord.
 An altar could be described as a place where ani-
mals are slaughtered for sacrifice
 An altar is a place where blood is shed and where
blood cries.
 An altar is a spiritual dining table where God or
evil spirits are offered food.
 At the altar blood is exchanged for something.
 It is a place of spiritual contact with the Spirit
world-it could be with either good or evil spirits.
 At the altar, spiritual fellowship with the spirits
world is established.

 At the altar that Jacob built at bethel, the Angels of
God were ascending and descending on it.
 An altar is a place where covenants are made with
spiritual powers.
 The cross on which Christ died was an altar of sac-
rifice of the Son of God.
 An evil altar can be raised by the enemies to steal,
kill and destroy.
 An evil altar can be raised to pull down a person,
organization or a thing.
 The devil has counterfeited most things God insti-
tuted to bless His people.
 Sacrifices are offered at cross roads and by so doing
they corrupt the cross of Jesus Christ.
 Many problems of black people can be directly
linked to evil altars.
 Altars of affliction operated by priests of wicked-
ness are built for destruction purposes.
 An evil altar is a place of evil transactions where
many evil things like infirmities, demotions, failure
are planned.
 Evil altars must be dealt with aggressively.
1. Every Satanic altar erected against me and
family, be demolished by fire, in Jesus
2. I refuse to be a prisoner of any local altar in
the name of Jesus.
1. Crossroad Altars
 This is a perversion of the cross of Jesus Christ.
 The crossroads is to summon demons from north,
south, east and west against a person.
 The victim is bombarded with afflictions
2. Tree Altars
 Sacrifices at trees are usually wrapped with white
3. Photographic Altars
 Altars can be constructed with wedding photos,
family and individual pictures, torment and afflic-
tions are directed.
4. Image Altars
 Symbols are made to represent a person or some-
thing in the spiritual world– hurting the image caus-
es hurt in the person.
5. Reporting Altars
 The name of the person is chanted at all times.

 Victims of reporting altars would be hearing their
names without knowing who is calling them.
6. Clothing Altars
 When you lose your clothes or your cloth is cut
away-pray aggressively
7. River Altars.
 Water demons who sit on people’s loves and keep
them submerged.
8. Forest Altars
9. Body part Altars-Placenta, umbilical, hair are used
to destroy lives.
10. Astral Altars; Evil words are uttered against the
destinies in order to render their lives unfruitful.
11. Altars of evil transfer-Transfer of virtues
12. Family shrines, and physical altars to sacrifice
victims of kidnaps.
1. Recognize their operations.
2. Renounce and resist them,
3. Withdraw your benefits and virtues from evil
4. To destroy evil altars, you can curse them, you
can call the fire of God or divine hurricane of
the Holy Spirit to blow them away.
Pray aggressive prayers;
1. I render every aggressive altar impotent
in the Name of Jesus.
2. Lord, sent Your Fire to destroy every
evil altar fashioned against me, In Jesus
3. I withdraw my name from evil altars in
the Name of Jesus Christ.
4. I withdraw my breakthroughs, glory,
prosperity, blessing from evil altars, In the Name of Jesus.

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