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TEXT:  LUKE 19:41-44


One day Napoleon and his army were moving through Switzerland .And everywhere he went, Napoleon was greeted with thunderous applause: “Long live the King!”. Viva la France! Hail to the Emperor Napoleon!”. But Napoleon did not seem too excited about what was going on. So a supporter said to him “Isn’t it great to hear the roar of the crowd; the supporter of the people?” But Napoleon replied, “The same cheer just as loudly as my execution”. Napoleon knew the fickleness of mankind as Jesus did. It should have been a happy day for the Lord, but Jesus Christ was weeping in agony.This morning instead of focusing on Jesus triumph entry into Jerusalem, Let us focus on Jesus response as He neared the city.

Jesus wept for their:-

  1. FOOLISH IGNORANCE (Luke 19:4-2) 
  • Christians over the years have been amazed by the fact that 200,000 people were praising Jesus as He entered Jerusalem, But the same people were calling for His crucifixion in five short days.
  • Jesus had failed to meet their expectations.
  • They wanted to be delivered from Roman rule, Jesus wanted to deliver them from their sins.
  • They wanted Jesus to sit on David’s throne, Jesus wanted to sit in the thrones of their hearts.
  • The people wanted political freedom, Jesus wanted them to experience Spiritual freedom.
  • The people wanted Him to establish an earthly kingdom, Jesus established a Spiritual Kingdom.
  • The people had closed their eyes to the truth.
  • The truth had come to them, but they did not recognize Him.
  • The people had the prophesies of the O.T. but they chose to interpret them the way they wanted to.
  • Are we foolishly ignorant? Do we know the truth? Do we know what we believe?
  • Do we know how to worship God as we ought? Do you really know God in your life?
  1. FUTURE INVASION (Luke 19:43-44)
  • While the people rejoiced, Jesus saw the awful future.
  • 40 yrs. Later, the Romans would destroy that very City of Jerusalem.
  • In a short while the shouts of praise would turn into shouts of war.
  • The cries of “Hosanna” -Save now” would become the cries of fear.
  • The streets now covered in palm braches would be soon covered in the flood of little ones.
  • Jesus Christ looks at your future-How will your future be?
  • Now you are joyfully singing “Hosanna” but how is your tomorrow? Do you really know God in your life?
  • Jesus looked at their children, their excitement
  • He looked at their wonder, curiosity and hope.
  • But in Jesus omniscience, He saw those same eyes 40 yrs. Later.
  • He foresaw fear, confusion and death.
  • His love for them moved the Savior to weep


  • “And shall lay thee even with the ground and thy children within thee: and they shall not leave in thee on stone upon another, because thou knowest not the time of thy visitation.”
  • “Visitation” is here translated as “Inspection”
  • The president inspects a guard of honor.
  • Jesus came and inspected the “ House of Israel.
  • He found them wanting, their religion was mare forms, rituals and rules.
  • They did not repent of their sins like the people of Nineveh did under the preaching of Jonah.
  • The people appeared to be holy, inside they were full of unrighteousness.
  • They failed God’s inspection and Jesus wept.


¨ All of us will one day be subject to the inspection of God. (11 Cor 5:10)

¨ Our work won’t be enough, our bests will not be good enough.

¨ Thank God the gospel does not end with the triumph entry, there was good Friday Easter and a Pentecost.



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