English Service Series Sermon On The Mount


TEXT: MATHEW 5:1-2;5.


“God wants me to be happy” we often hear that phrase every day, usually as an excuse for some kind of behaviors that the individual knows is wrong. But is that true? In the minds of many Kenyans, the “pursuit of happiness” is equated with the pursuit of wealth and security. The pursuit of wealth, health and security has found its way into the church. This “happiness Theology” is often called the “prosperity Gospel”. This “Theology” purposes that God’s top priority is to shower blessings on Christians in this lifetime. It is advanced by proponents such as Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Joel Osteen, T.D.Jakes etc. The teaching basically states that “believers have the right to the blessings of health and wealth”. The philosophy behind this theology is “Materialism”. In materialism self-worth is measured by Net worth.
Let us Learn:-
∙ The sermon on the mount is probably the best known part of the teaching of Jesus Christ.
∙ The sermon on the mount was probably summary of a longer message given by Jesus Christ.
∙ The old testament ended with a curse (Malachi 4:6)
∙ The old testament also ended with John the Baptist which the New testament begins with the message of Jesus Christ
∙ They are kingdom attitudes that every child of God ought to pursue.
∙ They are a description of what every Christian is meant to be.
∙ The “blessings” can be described as “be attitudes-the attitudes we should be”.
∙ All Christians are meant to manifest all of these characteristics.
∙ It is not a list you choose from in a cafeteria style, but all of them to be manifest.
∙ None of these attitudes came naturally, But, each of them is produced by grace alone as we allow the Holy Spirit to work in and through us.
∙ The first four beatitude deals with one’s relationship with God and the second set of four deals with one’s relationship with other people.
∙ On this mountain there were three types of people. The disciples, the religious leaders and the crowds.
∙ The disciples are those who had made a personal commitment to the Lord.
∙ The religious leaders were the Pharisees, Sadducees and scribes, they were generally opposed to Jesus and His message.
∙ The crowd were those casually interested but had no personal commitment to Jesus Christ.
∙ Today the three groups still exist in the Church !!

∙ The Greek word for blessed is “Makarios”. The English word for blessed is very weak- “Happy”. Happy comes from the English word “Hap” meaning chance, so happiness depends on the circumstances and therefor uncertain and temporary.
∙ “Blessed” refers to ones relationship to God. It is a condition of inner satisfaction.
∙ Happiness is circumstantial—But Blessedness is relational.
The believer is not free to do whatever they please to make themselves happy. God does not want His children to be happy if it requires;
1. If it requires sinning
2. If it leads to compromise with false doctrines
3. If our actions cause anyone else to stumble (Matt.18:6)
4. If it means bringing reproach upon the Lord and His church. (2 Samuel 12:14, Rom.2:24)

1. Recognize that we will never achieve lasting happiness on our own.
2. Realize that the blessing of God in an individual life begins with forgiveness of sin. (Psalm 32:1-2)
3. Rely on the Holy Spirit to find blessedness (Rom 6:13)

♦ Does God want me to be happy? Yes. He has given us the Beatitudes or the “blessings” to inspire us to blessedness.
♦ Happiness should never be our goal, But being conformed into the image of His Son will lead us not just to happiness but blessedness.
♦ Are you saved? Do you have a personal relationship with God in your life?

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