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The resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ gives us a living hope. The church in Corinth was a church fraught with problems. There were divisions and sin was being tolerated. False doctrines abounded and strange, fleshy practices dominated their worship. Paul wrote to them in an effort to bring them into line with orthodox faith and practice. In verse 12, there were some Corinthians who denied the reality of the resurrection. Paul spends a lot of time teaching us about the death and resurrection of the believer and our future hope in Jesus Christ our Lord. We enjoy hope as children of God.
As we look around the world today, we witness, wars, crime, sin, depravity and horrors of this modern life. Lack of hope can stifle our desire to serve God.
Let us Learn the truths expressed in this single verse concerning our hope in the Lord:-

∙ The people who posses this great hope are called “My dear beloved brethren”.
∙ These are the children of God, the saints of all the ages and generations.
∙ We, who are born again are the children of God and therefore we are people of hope.
1. They are a people delivered by Grace (V1,10)
∙ They were people saved out of the deadness, depravity and death of their sins (Eph.2:1-10)
∙ They were brought into a personal faith relationship with Jesus Christ.
∙ Have you been delivered? Then you have Hope
2. They are people destined for Glory
∙ God has big things waiting for His people (I Cor. 15:49-57)
∙ Whether we leave this world by means of death or by rapture, we are people of Hope, we posses a bright future.
∙ Things may look bad down here, but our prospects are out of this world!!!
A. Hope causes us to be stable- “be Steadfast”
∙ It means “to be seated, settled and firmly situated”.
∙ It means “to be rooted and grounded” in what we believe and hold to be true.
∙ We are to be “ firmly seated” in our personal convictions.
B. Hope counsels us to be stubborn- “Unmovable”
∙ It means “not moved from a place, firmly persistent motionless”
∙ Stubbornness is not appropriate, but when it comes to the work of the Lord we ought to be stubborn.
∙ Nothing should be allowed to move us from the work of God.
C. Hope Challenges us to be Strong- “Abounding”
∙ It means “always exceeding” overflowing
∙ It means “giving our time, money, energy, talents, gifts, bodies, minds, spirit etc., to the King of Kings

JJJ. Our hope gives us Confidence
∙ “We know” that our work for Jesus matters.
∙ There is no sacrifice, no struggle, no self-denial, No valley, no work, goes unnoticed and none will fail to pay eternal benefits.
∙ So, keep praying, keep serving and keep living for Jesus Christ.
∙ Our work for the Lord is not in vain, that is not “a waste of time or exercise in futility”
∙ God will reward every work done for Him (Rev.22:12)
B. Our Hope Gives us Consolation.
∙ Sometimes the road is hard, sometimes the burden we bear are heavy.
∙ Sometimes the work we are called to do seem endless and unrewarding.
∙ “Labor” here means “Intense labor united trouble and toil”. It means “ work that results in pain and agony”.
∙ Sometimes it appears “no one appreciates or cares”
∙ It is a thankless labor, But the Lord Himself will say to you “Well done, good and faithful servant, thou hast been faithful over few things, I will make you ruler over many things; enter thou into the joy of the Lord.”

♦ Are you walking in the power of Hope?
♦ Are you doing all you could to serve the Lord who saved you ?
♦ Are you firmly holding to the promise of the Lord that your labor will be rewarded one day?
♦ I thank God for Hope-Amen.

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