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EXODUS 15:9-21


The Spirit of Pharaoh is a destiny terminator. Pharaoh gave orders that all male children of the Children of Israel must die. Baby Moses was going to be eliminated but for God’s intervention. Pharaoh the pursuer must himself  must be pursued by fire. Unless Pharaoh is dead there is no peace (Psalm 18:37) “ I have pursued mine enemies and overtaken them; Neither did I turn again till they were consumed”.



  • Pharaoh means the “son of the sun”. Pharaoh of Egypt were considered and worshipped as gods.
  • The name Pharaoh has to do with destruction of good things in their infancy.
  1. The Spirit of Pharaoh is a destiny terminator.
  2. The spirit of Pharaoh is behind all hardened enemies. Pharaoh’s heart was so hardened that the Lord had to bombard him with plaques after which he pursued the Israelites.
  3. The spirit of Pharaoh is the strongman leading an evil army against the people of God. If there is a crowd of people fighting you, the leader is pharaoh.
  4. It represents the enemies who want to recapture us and bring us back to Egypt.
  5. It represents enemies that insult our God. “Who is the Lord?”
  6. It represents enemies that employ sorcerers and magicians against us. “They say “Catch this person, spoil his / her education, spoil the marriage, make the child dull, wreck the business” etc.
  7. It represents arrogant enemies that say “ I can do anything I want to do against you and there is nothing you can do about it”.
  8. It represents spiritual exploiters which use other people’s labor for their own advantage and advancement (400 years of slavery)
  9. It represents hard slave masters who convert people to captives.
  10. It represents powers that can draw powers from the sun and from the water (Ezekiel 29:2-4)
  • Pharaoh used to visit the Nile river everyday.
  1. It represents stubborn pursuers.
  • Many people are being pursued without knowing it.
  • As a result they cant grow spiritually because they cannot rest.
  • Such people cannot pray, and they go to places and churches where they cannot receive help.
  • Pursuing spirit are very unkind, once they do damage they turn away.
  • Pursuing spirit can pursue from both father’s side and mother’s side.
  • “My Pharaoh shall die, in Jesus name”



It is one thing to be pursued and another thing for the pursuer to become stubborn.

  1. A pursuer becomes stubborn when it is an avenger. (A girl who had a baby, 7 men involved, white man did not want the baby but to marry her without baby, she killed the baby ,but the blood of the baby pursued her– revenge) Only the Blood of Jesus can deliver such.
  2. A pursuer becomes stubborn when it is under a covenant to destroy. When enemies take a vow to deal with a person, they become stubborn, they will not rest until the person is finished.
  3. The pursuer become stubborn when you have its property in your possession. When you rent a house and the landlord/lady refuse to give you one room.
  4. The pursuer becomes stubborn when you are living in secret sins.
  5. A pursuer becomes stubborn when they operate in multiples. One pursuer for marriage, one for finance, another for the career and employment etc.
  6. The pursuer becomes stubborn when it has an agent inside. The external one enters through the internal.
  7. The pursuer becomes stubborn when there is idolatry in your foundation- (names were given).
  8. The pursuer becomes stubborn when one is pursued by familiar spirits or are blind to witches.
  9. Pursuers become stubborn if you are one of them and you are trying to get out. They will tell you where to go and where not to go.
  10. The pursuer becomes stubborn when it is attached to a curse. The pursuer becomes the implementer.
  11. A pursuer becomes stubborn when the parents of a person have dedicated him or her to them.
  12. Pursuer becomes stubborn if you have previously consulted them and asked for their assistance.
  13. A pursuer becomes stubborn if he was formerly your sex partner, such a partner must have taken materials from your body.
  14. Pursuers become stubborn if you are living on their alter. If you build your house or shop on their alter.
  15. The pursuer becomes stubborn when you are his or her spouse, in case of spirit wives and spirit husbands.


  1. Review your past life with the help of the Holy Spirit.
  • Do you have covenants, did you in past have sex with possessed boy friends or girlfriends. Do you have a history of childhood sicknesses. Were you cursed by parents, have you visited diviners and witchdoctors, have you eaten things sacrificed to idols?
  1. carry out audit of whatever does not belong to you, but is in your possession.
  2. Deal with the spirit of Pharaoh both in the heavenlies and in the water. Are you working below your destiny. Are you serving your enemies and drinking water of affliction. Are you a hewer of wood and drawer of water ? The pursuer ensures that you don’t go far with God.





  1. My Pharaoh must die, in Jesus Name.
  2. O God, arise and let my internal pursuers scatter, in the Name of Jesus.
  3. Every foundational Pharaoh die by fire, let all my pursuers fight against themselves in the Name of Jesus Christ.
  4. Every pharaoh working against my breakthrough die now in the Name of Jesus Christ.
  5. Enemies that have refused to let me go, o God arise and scatter them in Jesus name.
  6. O God, arise and let all stubborn pursuers scatter, in Jesus name.
  7. This Month, I must experience breakthrough in all fronts of life, In Jesus Name.



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