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Spiritual barrenness like physical bareness is a terrible thing; only the blood of Jesus can overcome the spirit of Michal which delays your success.

The Spirit of Michal is like the Spirit of Jezebel, it threatens someone’s destiny. It is like the quicksand of pride which drowns progress. Evil wind can project dryness into a person’s life, business, finances, marriage and family. Only the Earthquake of the Holy Spirit can uproot every tree of barrenness in the Name Of Jesus Christ.

Let us Learn:

I.  WHAT IS THE MICHAL SYNDROME (I Sam.25:44, Psa.11:3)

  • Michal was the daughter of King Saul, she had been betrothed to David, but King Saul gave her to Paltiel.
  • Michal’s father promised her to one man, but gave her to another (Psa.11:3)
  • The first thing Michal had to contend with was the issue of the foundation of her marriage.
  • The marriage with David was already set up on the foundation of his wife having been given to another man.
  • She did not value marriage or the institution of a husband.
  • She was already “damaged goods”
  • She despised David for she did not consider him King.
  • Instead of seeing herself at that time as the beautiful honoured wife of a great man of God, a very honoured wife of a great King.
  • She saw herself as the daughter of a deposed and disgraced King (Saul)
  • Michal was jealous and envious.
  • She had no respect for her husband, she came out insulting him in front of everybody.


  • Michal had become too familiar with David the man of God.
  • Although everyone else revered King David, Michal had no admiration and awe.
  • Michal had a proud spirit, her pride could not take a back seat even in the palace.
  • You need to pray “ I shake off every proud Spirit latching on to my progress and break through to snatch it from me in Jesus name”
  • This spirit that enveloped and controlled Michal made her receive a curse from God.
  • Michal lacked the ability to give birth to children.
  • The Michal syndrome brings us to the reason why many people experience spiritual barrenness.
  • Simply put, Michal Syndrome is familiarity with the symbols of God.

¨ His word

¨ His miracles

¨ His anointing

¨ His servants-we see the weakness of men and women of God-we start to disrespect their anointing (Moses and Elijah)

¨ His instructions (2 Chron.20:20)

¨ His altars– desecrate His altars with business, stealing ministry man, strive and fight in the church. (Mark 11:15-18)

  • Familiarity is getting so used or close to a person, object or subject that it loses its specialness, its awe and appeal.
  • Familiarity with the word of God is one of the greatest problem causing both physical and spiritual barrenness in people (Isa.55:11, Rev.12:11)
  • People of God fear to share their testimony for fear of witches, wizard and thieves.
  • Others fear to share the testimony of financial success so that they are not targeted for giving.
  • Others know the Pastor’s weakness and his family secrets, so that makes them think they are equal or better than him.
  • If you are too familiar with the man of God you can’t get any anointing from him.
  • Once the potential difference is removed, nothing can flow again to you.
  • The anointing on the man of God is without repentance (2 Kings 13:20-21)
  • Familiarity with husband, wife, parent etc will stop the blessing and anointing to flow to you.


  • Asses your level of familiarity with God and His symbols of godship.
  • If you are too familiar, back off, so that the anointing can work for you.
  • Repent now



Just Pray:

  • Every Spirit of familiarity and contempt withholding my helpers, I cast you down in Jesus Name.
  • By the Blood of Jesus Christ, I receive the anointing of humility.
  • May the power that worked for Sarah, Hannah and Elizabeth work for me now in Jesus Name.



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