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Every redeemed child of God has a supernatural heritage in Him. These possessions of great value are yours by faith in God. The Bible makes it clear that a battle line has been drawn between two kingdoms. The kingdom of God is a Kingdom of light and Righteousness. The Kingdom of the Devil is a kingdom of darkness, evil and all lies.

However, many are ignorant of this very truth. They have been deceived into accepting their present unpalatable condition as their portion from God. But this is a lie from Satan for the devil is a liar!

Each one of us has possession and promise in God. These promises of God need to manifest in the natural form before you can enjoy its benefits, otherwise, they are non-existent if we do not possess them by faith. The prophet Obadiah spoke of Mount Zion which represents the church of God today. The people of God are spiritual Israel. Hebrews 12:22-24, see what we should expect in the church today:-


  • Deliverance means total freedom from yokes and burdens of the demonic kingdom.
  • This deliverance comes through the anointing of the Holy Spirit (Isaiah 10:27)
  • The power of God’s presence totally delivers us from the bondage of sin, sickness, afflictions, demonic oppression, curses, evil covenants and negative cycles of defeat.
  • Without deliverance, Holiness would not be possible.
  • Without deliverance, possessions cannot be possessed.
  • Demonic powers are always behind certain sins which domineer people.
  • Sexual immoralities, lies, stealing, drunkenness and certain emotional behaviors like anger, malice, bitterness, and hatred.
  • Anyone under the influence of these demonic powers cannot be holy and therefore cannot possess his possessions.
  • Deliverance comes when we call on the name of the Lord (Joel 2:32)


  • Holiness means living a life well pleasing to God.
  • Holiness means total submission to God’s will and purpose (2 Cor. 5:15)
  • To be Holy you must be saved. Salvation is the seed of God in you.
  • Holiness will be easier after your deliverance from the oppression of demons.
  • Holiness is the key to claiming your possessions.
  • Through holiness, you receive the favor of God and you are shielded from satanic attacks and oppositions.
  • Holiness is achieved through the grace of God (Heb.4:15-16)


  • God has a plan for your life (Deut.8:7-9, 11:10-12)
  • There are possessions and inheritance prepared by God for you-Your name is written on your possessions.
  • To profit from your relationship with God, you must possess your possessions by the mercy of God.
  • To possess is the act of taking into control. It is possible to have possession and yet not possessing them (Luke 16:21-22).
  • The key to possession is dominion.
  • Living in ignorance is living in darkness and total alienation from God (John 8:32)
  • If you don’t have access to your possessions in Christ, then you cannot take them, means you cannot enjoy them.
  • There are reasons for being unable to possess your possessions;
  1. Ignorance (Acts 19:1-6)
  2. Fear of the unknown (2Kings 7:12-13)
  3. When the enemy has taken control (2 Kings 8:3-6)
  • Trust in the power of God, claim the promise of God by faith.
  • Confess your victories and blessings in Christ.


  • Your best days are not behind you but ahead of you (Jeremiah 31:17)
  • Boldly claim your divine inheritance.
  • God will not give you that which you cannot handle- if you are a minor!!
  • Fight spiritual battles always (2 Cor.10:3-5)
  • We are to forcefully lay hold of the blessings that God has already provided for us.
  • Will you possess your possessions today?
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Rev, Dr. Willy Mutiso is the Senior Pastor at First Baptist Athiriver. He is widely known for his practical and dynamic teaching style which helps people apply the timeless truths of Scripture to their everyday lives.

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