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Rules Of Fighting Fair In Life

TEXT: Proverbs 13:10


Today we conclude this particular series , let us discuss how to deal with conflicts. All relationships are subject to disagreements, so we need to know how to make them better instead of making them bitter by the way we handle conflicts. Lets us discuss the subject of when relationship dissapoint you as they usually do, how do we find Gods Peace in the pain? every relationship finds dillemma of conflict, marriage of friendship or coworkers, parents and children, church etc. Many of us when faced with conflicts we dont fight fairly. Let us Learn:-

  1. Agree an issue is a problem whenever your spouse, friend or co-worker think it is (Prov. 13:10)
  2. Give another room for disagreement and freedom to express a full range of honest feelings.
  3. Don try to be judge of  one another character (2 Sam 6:20 – 23)
  4. Attack the problem, not each other ( Eph 4:31-32)
  5. Agree ahead of time to allow a temporary “Time out” when you are angry (Prov 17:14)
  6. Stay with the subject matter to a point of closure (Eph 4:26)



  • Which rule do you think you will work on?
  • May the Lord help us
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Rev, Dr. Willy Mutiso is the Senior Pastor at First Baptist Athiriver. He is widely known for his practical and dynamic teaching style which helps people apply the timeless truths of Scripture to their everyday lives.

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