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TEXT  :  ROMANS 8:28-30

The book of Romans was not written to believers. It is a book given to those who are saved, those who have trusted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. There are two schools of thought that exist concerning the matter of how we are saved. There are alsodifferent views in each of these schools. However, broadly speaking the schools of thought are two.

Firstly, there is a school of thought that is known as ARMINIANISM. This view receives its name from a man named Jacobus Arminius. People in this view believe that man cooperates with God in his salvation. Salvation is through Faith in Christ, but we choose to believe when we are ready. Most people who hold this view also believe that we can stop believing at any time and thus become lost again. Basically, salvation is based upon the will of man.

Then there is the school of thought known as CALVANISM. This view receives its name a sixteenth  century preacher by  the name JOHN  CALVIN.Strict Calvinism says that God selected some  people for  salvation and  others for  Hell And that  those selected have no say in the matter of their salvation. In strict Calvinism ,the will of man is forfeited to the sovereignty of GOD.

My view and the view  of  majority of  Baptists around the world is  between  Armenius  and Calvin.It is called  modified Calvinism. When we finally  get to heaven , at the  gate of  HEAVEN Is written ‘WHOEVER WILL MAY COME  but when we are inside HEAVEN at the inside gate it is written  “CHOSE IN HIM, FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE EARTH’’

When we taik about the Determination of the sprit life we refer to  the determination of GOD rather than the determination of the Saints of  God. Salvation is produced by God but it is enjoyed by man. These verses give us the unconditional eternal security of the believer. Today we are treading in deep waters.

Let  us learn:-


Besides John 3:16, This verse is most beloved and  claimed promise in the Word of God. Life is filled with trials and troubles, it is good to know that everything is being worked out according to the plan of a great God.

A). There is a confidence.

-The reputation of God rides on this promise being true.

– God did not say that all things are good, but that everything is being worked out for our good.

– This promise is as good as God Himself. God cannot lie.

B). There is a completeness.

‘All things’, not most, not some, but ALL. Even the things we don’t understand.

  1. Sweet things work for our good-home, family,health, wealth, salvation etc (1st Thess. 5:18, Heb. 13:5)
  2. Sorrowful things work for our good: Jacob. Gen. (42:36), Judah (Jer. 24:5), Psalmist (Psalms 119:71), Joseph (Gen. 50:20), Manasseh (2 Chron. 33:11). ‘The eye that is washed with tears sees the best’!!!!
  3. Satanic things work for our Good-Paul (2 Cor. 12:7-10)

– Paul endured satanic attack and affliction– God can use the devil to work out good things in our lives.

  1. Sinful things work for our good

-Christians should not sin, when they do they suffer (Rev. 3:19)

-But God can take suffering brought by sin and use it for good Peter-(Luke 22:31-34).


C). There is a cause-God is the All powerfull, all knowing and He is able to take control of every situation in life. (Matt. 28 18, Eph. 3:20, Luke 1:38, Job 42:2).

This promise is not for everyone, but only for those that are saved and obedient children of God.


D. There is a consequence—To conform you to the image of Christ


A.God’s purpose is based in the Omniscience of God.

B.God’s purpose is based in the Omnipotence of God.

  1. We were predestinated– Past tense
  2. We were called– Past tense.
  3. We were justified– Past tense
  4. We were glorified Past tense.

In the mind of God , we are already with Him in Heaven (Eph. 2:6)



  • If you are really saved, you are saved forever
  • If you are saved, you will be saved forever
  • If you are in Jesus Christ, you will be in Jesus Christ forever.
  • God is fully determined to save to the uttermost those who come to Him in Christ Jesus.


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