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TEXT:  Genesis 28:12-1, MATHEW 16: 18-19


A gate is a very important part of a building or house. A gate is for security and protection. In the Bible the gate was the focal point of power, Business was conducted at the gate, military strategies were planned at the gate, judgement and punishment were meted out at the gate. The gate was the city hall of the day.

Jacob in (Gen.28:12) saw a ladder set up on the earth, the top of it reached the heaven and Angels of the Lord were ascending and descending on it. The Lord was standing above it and said: “I am the Lord God of Abraham and Isaac, the land of which you are lying, to you I will give it to you”. “ Every land that belongs to me, that is presently in the hand of the enemy, I recover it by fire, in the name of Jesus”.  Heaven has a gate,

Let us learn:-


  • It is the security and protection of a city or a house.
  • It is the centre of transactions of business and power.
  • When your gate is broken the enemy enters at will.


  • There are the physical gate and Spiritual gate
  • There are visible and invisible gates.
  • A gate is an opening in a wall or fence. It is an opening into a city or house. The gate means entrance or exit, it is an area of departure or arrival.
  • There are gates that lead to the city of a person’s life.
  • Many people are fighting the enemy outside when the enemy has already entered in.
  • The children of Darkness understand the role of gates more than the children of the light.
  • Before you can deal with the enemy on the outside, you must deal with the enemy within you.\
  • There are Nine main gates that open up the life a man.


  1. The head gate. (I Tim. 5:22)
  • “Lay hands suddenly on no man, so that you will not be a partaker of his iniquity”
  • We lay hands on people when we pray, we anoint them on the head. (Psalm 23:5)
  • The head is the means through which anointing is imparted into the body.
  • The baptism of the Holy Spirit is administered through the laying on of hands.
  • Negative or positive anointing can be done through the head.
  • The head is the symbol of your destiny.
  • Be careful with your head, your hair etc.
  • We will talk someday on how to deliver your head.
  • Initiations are done through the head, cutting of the hair can have a meaning.
  1. The gate of the Eyes.
  • The eyes give light to the whole body.
  • Your eye can push you into hell fire
  • Lust comes through the eye gate, negativity and attitudes are created through the eye.
  1. The Ear gate
  • Faith comes by hearing. Doubt also comes by hearing.
  • A person’s ear gate may be blocked and cannot receive a voice from Heaven.
  1. The Mouth Gate
  • The mouth gate is dangerous in two ways, the tongue speaks. The tongue can bless or curse. The second danger of the mouth is through the food we eat. Adam and Eve ate.
  1. The gate of the Hand
  • The hand is the symbol of your labor and strength.
  • If you ever dream of your hands having cobwebs it means the work of your hands is under attack.
  • The enemy uses handshakes to spoil your work and to enter into the body.
  1. The Heart gate.
  • The heart is the control room of power.
  • If Satan gain access into the heart, all other department of one’s life will collapse.


  1. The Navel gate
  • It is the gate through which evil blood, evil spirit and evil inheritance can pass into a child.
  1. The Sex gate
  • This is the most successful gate used by Satan.
  • The devil can do anything to a person destiny through sex.
  • Demons and Satanic materials can be programmed into a person through the sex gate.
  1. The gate of the legs and feet.
  • The legs and feet are a symbol of walking and gaining progress.
  • Cursed feet need deliverance.


  1. Surrender to Jesus Christ.
  2. Repent every known sin.
  3. Send out the strangers that have already gained access into your life.
  4. Barricade and seal your life and watch over your gate.





  1. Every power of my father’s house or my mother’s side that does not want my progress, Die Now in the Name of Jesus Christ.
  2. Every power that has stolen from me, I recover all– In the Name of Jesus Christ
  • You power of wickedness assigned against my life and my breakthrough, die in the Name of Jesus Christ.




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