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II SAMUEL 6:14-23


This message teaches how to overcome spiritual barrenness and dryness in our spiritual lives. We, therefore, look at the life and times of Michal the daughter of King Saul. Michal the daughter of King Saul had no children to the day of her death. Through this message and by the blood of Jesus Christ, overcome the spirit of Michal that is delaying your success. The hand of Jezebel that threatens your destiny and every quicksand of pride drowning your progress and every evil wind projecting dryness into your life, business, and finance must be swallowed up by the whirlwind of God.

Let us Learn:-


  • Michal was the daughter of Saul, she was betrothed to David, but was given to Paltiel    (I Sam.25:44)
  • Michal’s father promised her to one man and gave her to another (Psalm 11:3) . Foundations can be destroyed.
  • The First thing Michal had to contend with was the issue of the foundation of her marriage.
  • The marriage with David was already set up on the foundation of his wife having been given to another man.
  • This set up the issue of how much she felt about marriage and how she valued husbands.
  • Michal did not hold much value on the institutions of marriage and husband.
  • A lot of things welled up in her. Instead of seeing herself as the beautiful honored wife of a great King and a man of God, she saw herself as a daughter of deposed and disgraced King (Saul)
  • Michal was jealous and envious.
  • She had no respect for her husband, in fact, she came out insulting him in public.
  • Michal had become very familiar with the man of God, to the extent that her familiarity had caused her to see him as an ordinary man.
  • Although everyone else revered King David, Michal had no admiration and awe.
  • Michal had a proud spirit, she had no respect for her husband and the King’s palace. (Isaiah 53:2)
  • This evil spirit had enveloped and controlled Michal and succeeded in making her the recipient of a curse from God– inability to give birth to children.


  • Simply put the underlying reason is familiarity with the symbols of God.
  • Over-familiarity with the word of God and preaching of the word.
  • Familiarity with His miracles– Never testifying of His Miracles nor being thankful.
  • Unbelief in His anointing (Mark 6:1-5)
  • Over-familiarity to His servants– we see the weakness of God’s servants, so we start to disrespect them and the anointing (Moses and Elijah)
  • Over-familiarity with His instructions ( 2 Chron. 20:20). His Altars– Some people trade with God’s altars, stealing Ministry money, strive and fighting in Church (Mark 11:15-18)
  • Familiarity is getting so used or close to a person or object or subject, that it loses its specialness, its awe and its appeal.
  • Familiarity with the word of God is one of the greatest problems causing bareness in people’s lives (Isaiah 55:11).
  • Familiarity with the miracles of God and failure to testify what God has done (Rev.12:11)
  • Sharing your testimony reinforces the power that ensured the victory on the cross and opens even more locked doors.
  • Some people fear that if they testify, some witch or wizard in the church will know the status of their finance and advancement in society or they would be singled out for special pledges.
  • Other know the pastor’s weakness and his family secrets, so that makes them think they are equal or better than him.
  • If you get too familiar with a man of God, you can’t get any anointing from him (the same case applies to Husband and Wife)
  • If you get too familiar with mother, father, teacher or boss, their office cannot bless you.
  • Once the “Potential difference” is removed, nothing can flow again to you.
  • However, the anointing on a man of God is without repentance (2 Kings 13:20-21). Elisha was so anointed that his dead body was working miracles, raising the dead, many years after death.


  • Assess your own level of familiarity with God and His symbols of godship. If you are too familiar, back off, so that the anointing can work for you.
  • Repent of your overfamiliarity



  1. Every Spirit of familiarity and contempt withholding my helpers, be cast down in Jesus Name.
  2. By the Blood of Jesus Christ, I receive the anointing of humility.
  3. The mystery of the power that worked for Sarah, Hannah and Elizabeth work for me now in Jesus Name.


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