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TEXT: PSALM 27:1-14 (2)


Everybody has spiritual enemies. Jesus Himself had, and they hated him, and they did not hide it.  His enemies tried to kill Him before His time. Herod, the Pharisees, High priests etc. In Psalm 27:2 “ When the wicked, even mine enemies and my foes, came upon me to eat up my flesh, they stumbled and fell”. The wicked shall stumble and fall. Look at (Job. 8:22, 11:20, 18:6; Psalm 7:16, Psalm 146:9, Isa.3:11, Isa.48:22, Isa.57:20-21, Jeremiah 30:23)

We are living in the last days and Satan has launched a desperate attack on the saints of God. (I Tim.4:1) . In 2Thessalonians 2:7, the spirit that traps men and puts them into poverty, wrong things and leads them into the hell fire is already in the world. “Save yourself from this wicked generation. (2 Thess. 2:7-10, Rev.12:12.) But we have been given power (Luke 10:19). The church has the power, not the government, professor, presidents or governors.

Let us learn:


  • The wicked spirits know their fate, they know their destination.
  • Don’t allow them to spoil your life, instead destroy them first..
  • Always be ready for war. If you want peace prepare for war.
  • Don’t put on every chain, on your neck or bungles, rings and foot chains. Don’t copy any style you find in the TV.
  • Don’t become your own enemy. Fornicators are their own enemies, liars, angry people, fighters, adulterers.
  • In these days the enemy is ready to give you fame, pleasure, power, riches and wealth at the cost of your soul and the souls of your family members.
  • Do not open up to the enemy.


  1. Wrong attitude:
  • This is the form of anger, pride, malice, gossip, back biting, Luke warmness in prayer and bible study, running away from God, self display etc.
  1. Darkness:
  • The wicked love darkness, satanic agents work better in the darkness.
  • Do not approach the world of darkness for help.
  • Satan has no free gift, he will demand payment even from your children’s children.
  • Bind the works of Satan upon your life.
  1. Family members:
  • A lot of people’s family members are enemies in disguise.
  • Your friends in your family are those who are born again.
  • All others can be used against you by the devil either directly or indirectly– be careful.
  • Don’t go to your village to display your new car, wife and children or university college degree.
  1. Don’t bring evil things to your home (Deuteronomy 7:26)
  • Be careful about the kind of money you handle– Bribery.
  • Do not store strange property in your life and home and expect blessings.
  • Carry inventory of things in your house, don’t keep strange things given to you by “Rafiki wa kitambo”
  • Stolen property in your hands is a curse in your life.
  • Beware of people who visit you then they leave their clothes and other things in your house.
  1. Become violent spiritually (Matt.11:12)
  • Great miracles happen when you get violent spiritually.
  • Freedom comes with violence.
  • You must open up to God’s help while getting violent with the enemy.


  1. Jebel– she is dead but her spirit is around
  2. Nebuchadnezzar ruled Babylon– he died but his spirit rules the world.
  3. Goliath– He challenged the God of Israel and His people– Giants enemies are still here.
  4. Saul– he hated David and pursued him for years.
  5. Pharaoh– Stubborn pursuer and killer of infant visions and projects.
  6. Ahithophel –He was a fake friend to David, evil counsellor.
  7. Absalom –He represents family and household enemies. He fought his father.
  8. The enemies of Daniel– Lion’s den and evil observers
  9. Human– Those who plan the death of others– Agents of Satan.

For complete deliverance pray Aggressive prayers and oppression against you will stop.



  1. Every evil association against me be scattered, In Jesus Name.
  2. Let all wicked spirits working against me fall by their own wickedness in Jesus Name.
  3. Every wickedness that has been done against my life, stumble and fall In Jesus Name.
  4. Any good thing that the enemy has removed from my life, my home and work, be Restored Immediately In Jesus Name.


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