JOB 14:13-15



In the midst of Job’s affliction, he is broken and buffeted and in verse 13, Job longs for the day when God will call his number and he will be allowed to die. Job is not hopeless but hopeful. He knows that he has a God upon whom he can depend. He knows that is far much better to be with the Lord in heaven than to be in this world. Job is looking forward to that day of his change. Death comes soon to all,-Death is a change for better or for worse depending on our relationship with God now. Job is asking this timeless question, “If a man dies, shall he live again? (v.14) . Let us consider 5 truths given to us on why change comes:-


  • If a man dies, shall he live again? V.14
  • This question concerns each one of us. Consider the Ethiopian Air crash this week.
  • All passengers and crew died in a minute!! Is there life after death?
  1. Death is a certainty. (Hebrews 9:27) man is going to die, if the Lord tarries, everyone in this room will face death someday.
  2. Death is a shared experience, it is all around us.
  3. Death is an absolute unknown. None knows, how, when and where of our death. But for those who are in Christ Jesus we have faith which is a certainty of things hoped for (Heb.11:1) we know ;
  4. When death comes, we will not face it alone (Psalm 23:4)
  5. When death comes it will be followed by life either in heaven or in hell.
  6. When death comes for the saint, it is simply his/ her home going day!
  7. While there are many unknown surrounding death, there is one absolute; the soul will go forever whether in heaven or hell.
  • Therefore life is preparation for eternity!!


  • Job did not have the Bible as we do. Job had never heard about the rapture.
  • As New Testament believers we know about the rapture (I Thess.4:16-18, I Cor.15:51-52).
  • When death comes, two agents are present, the upper taker and the undertaker.
  • I bless the Lord for saving my soul. The upper taker will be there to take me up- hallelujah.
  • If you are not saved, the Undertaker is ready to take you to hell.
  1. There will be physical changes.
  • Address change- Heaven or hell
  1. There will be spiritual changes.
  • Attitudes will change- no hate, prejudice, unforgiveness.
  • Actions- our new bodies will never again thrive in sin and gratification of the flesh.
  1. There will be eternal changes,
  • Delivered from death, disease, disuse, decay, disaster, destruction, disappointments.


  1. Job says and declares that he will patiently await this time of renewal.
  2. As for us, there must be a total dedication to the Lord Jesus Christ.
  3. Jesus is coming soon to finally deliver His children from this world of sorrow and tears- so live holy and separated.


  1. The call of death- (2 Cor. 5:1-8, Phil.1:21-23)
  2. The call to depart- the blessed hope (Titus 2:13)
  3. When the call comes are you ready?


  1. “Desire to the work of His hands”- God will not forget those who belong to Him.
  2. The Lord knows them that are His and He will not allow a single one to fall by the wayside.
  3. He intends to keep all that comes to Jesus.

(John 6:35-44, Jude 24, 2 Tim.1:12, Heb.7:25, I Pet.1:5)


  • Like Job, I long for the day when life is over and I live in heaven.
  • Are you ready for the time of your change?
  • The only way of being ready is to receive Jesus Christ into your heart.
  • Will you settle this issue today?
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