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MATTHEW 12:43-45


The first thing we each need to address because it is the greatest hindrance to God’s touch upon each one of us is not the devil or household wickedness. When the prodigal son came back to himself, he then began to make progress. To understand this fact of life is to begin to get outstanding breakthroughs. In 2 Cor.12:7, Paul says “And lest I should be exalted above measure through the abundance of the revelations there was given to me a thorn in the flesh, the messenger of Satan to   buffet me, lest I should be exalted beyond measure”.

The messenger of Satan was assigned against Paul, a “Private enemy”. According to Matt. 12:43-45, evil spirits operate on different levels of wickedness. The messenger of Satan was specifically assigned to Paul and he was following him about.

When evil spirits are against a person, they can operate within a person or from without. Some spirits within a person could be telling the person to go and die, jump into the ocean, drink poison, kill yourself, tell lies. If Christian is living a holy life, it will not be possible for an evil spirit to take over or possess the life, however, some evil spirits once they find the way into your life then they enter, so we either expel them. With external spirits you fight and resist them. Ignorance though is a terrible problem. No battle has ever been won with just a strong defense. If you only want to defend yourself you cannot win. Any boxer in the ring that is only defending will end up being knocked out. No Christian can outgrow spiritual warfare. You  must learn to fight “I have fought a good fight” (II Tm.4:7) Spiritual warfare normally  surrounds the birth of a miracle. We are the territory the enemy is fighting for. Please, you need to know that there is a personal demon assigned to you by the devil, the job of that spirit is to derail and disturb you.

This personal demon causes a lot of strife,     derails and distorts, harasses and afflicts people. The mission of the demon assigned to Paul was not to possess but to kill and cut short his ministry. Demons that are specifically assigned to people home, friends or playmates who are more powerful and wicked. The greatest attack of these powers happen when you are at the edge of a great breakthrough.

They can spoil machines and ruin things just to disgrace somebody (A pilot who was highly intelligent and      respected was sacked by a president). These kind of    demons if they accompany you to an exam  or business trip, failure would result.

Private demons messes up the husband of sisters and wives of brothers in Christ. Paul calls them “The messenger of Satan”

Moses private demon (enemy) was anger (Pro. 24:10)


Let us Learn:-


  1. They invite evil visitors.
  2. They magnetize bad aura around you. You notice that is only bad people who come to you.
  • If you are a business, only bad customers come to your shop invited by evil spirits.
  1. They divert good things away from people when a good thing or helper is coming to you, they scare it away.
  2. They cause unpardonable mistakes-especially in exams and interviews.
  3. They generate strife against people– some people are always harassed anywhere they go.
  4. They cause internal division, they cause strife and problems in the family and marriage, mistrust, misinformation, misunderstanding.
  5. They invite sicknesses.
  6. They create ladders for attacks.
  7. They do “pregnancy conversion” they turn the baby inside the womb into something else.
  8. They sponsor sudden violent deaths.
  9. They communicate to your external enemies and give them information about your life (Monitoring Spirits)
  10. They know your history, geography and chemistry and are able to use them against you.
  11. They specialize in attacking organs of the body, kidney, blood, lungs, liver etc.
  12. They are spiritual smugglers, they pass out a persons virtue and assist internal terminators which eat up people inside.
  13. They steal, kill and destroy destinies. They are responsible for the spirit of error.


  • When somebody regarded as a mature believer suddenly commits an unbelievable sin. (A woman church leader who started sleeping with landlord, a pastor who did it with house girl).
  • When you start talking to the dead. This is the spirit of error (Ecles.9:5-6)
  • When you start chanting the names of angels –spirit of error.
  • Any form of respect to any image is a spirit of error.
  • Sitting or standing on the Bible is a spirit of error.
  • Any doctrine that support reincarnation is a spirit of error.
  • Any organization that meets only at night-error
  • Any association that advocates polygamy is the spirit of error. Baptism for the dead, prayers at the cemetery, praying God with flowers or perfumed water is spirit of error.
  • Any scraping of hair and leaving a little bit in the center of the head is a spirit of error.
  • Praying necked and facing the east or west is spirit of error.


  • The private demon knows that once he pushes a person into the line of error– God will turn His face away from the person.


  1. Your level of secret sins– a girl raped-after following a man.
  2. Your kind of family background– if parents are into the dark world.
  3. Consultations with the dark world– the private enemy is strengthened by all the wrong places you have been.
  4. The spiritual quality of your past sex partners– If you have frequented prostitutes, you have slept with snakes, crocodiles, goats, dogs etc.
  5. Your potential usefulness in the kingdom of God– Jerusalem has been invaded more than 400 times.
  6. Your willingness to be free from the activities and powers of this private enemy.




  1. Let us sing “Let God Arise”
  2. O God, arise and let my enemies be scattered in the Name of Jesus Christ.
  3. O God, Arise and let every satanic messenger scatter, In the Name of Jesus Christ.


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